How can is use all 8 cores on Xavier AGX in DRIVE Software 9.0

We want to use all 8 cores in our application, however
Here is a link which discusses that topic
However, it does not mention if users could actually use all 8 cores as it was DRIVE Software 8.0 and before. So, is there way to configure VM to run on all 8 cores?

Dear mikelb2k0,

Unfortunately, this is something that is not user-configurable.
We changed from 8 shared cores to 6 dedicated to the Guest OS + dedicated to the Service VMs.
We will post Drive Software 10.0 doc soon. I think you can understand more about that. Thanks.

Hi mikelb2k0,

The DRIVE Software 10.0 has been published, also relevant documentations are provided, please download them from