How can Jetson SDK Components be clipped and installed during SDK Manager refresh

How can Jetson SDK Components be clipped and installed during SDK Manager refresh

What do you mean “clipped”?

I also wonder what “clipped” means, but I suspect the basics are that if you put content in the host PC’s “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” prior to flash, and if that content is not boot content (e.g., a kernel or device tree takes a couple of extra steps beyond just plain user space software), then that content will appear in whatever was flashed. For example, if you added a user name and a home directory for the user, then upon flash that user name and password would be active (you could for example also set the “first boot login setup” to no longer occur if you’ve done this prior to flash). A use-case would help to know what you wish to do.

Jetson SDK Components does not need to be fully installed

Do you mean you don’t want to install the sdk? If so, just don’t select it in sdkmanager.

Partial installation, such as CUDA only

You can go to the download folder of your sdkmanager and find out the CUDA debian package, send them to device and use dpkg tool to install them.

Btw, there are many things in the SDK Manager which can be deselected, but it isn’t always obvious. If for example you don’t want samples installed, or you don’t want some particular AI library, then try unchecking it. It should be easy to select just CUDA, and only for the Jetson.

Another tip: You could deselect everything except for flash, and then at a later date, run SDKM again. You’d uncheck flash so it wouldn’t flash, and then select just CUDA for the Jetson. The extra optional packages are installed on a fully running Jetson, and not one being flashed. During a normal flash the flash will complete and the Jetson will reboot, then the user creates an account on the Jetson, and only following this do those optional packages get installed. During that install the Jetson is fully booted and not in recovery mode. You don’t need to flash it every time.

I don’t quite understand. Can you be more specific,how to unchecking it.

Check your ~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads on your host and see if there is a cuda deb that you need.

SDKM No such checkbox function must be copied to the device for manual installation

Attaching a screenshot


  • In Step 01 note that the first line can’t be unchecked, it is just “Jetson” category.
  • If you click on the rectangle with “Host Machine” it will check or uncheck host components. I tend to never install everything in one step…I prefer to only flash the Jetson or only install to the host PC. Doesn’t hurt to do both, it is just my preference.
  • Note the “Target Hardware” box can also be clicked, and that until you do so, a specific model of Jetson is never shown. Pick the TX2. This will cause extra details to become available. The example screenshot is from after picking the Xavier NX.
  • Also, be sure to click on the “Target Operating System” box where it shows “Linux”. There might be different versions (I always specifically pick the most recent version unless I have a reason), and you want to name a specific version. This can change what the “Additional SDKS” box shows.
  • With “Target Hardware” picked, and with “Target Operating System” picking a specific release, the “Additional SDKS” will show items such as “DeepStream Version 5.1”. There is a check mark on the right side, and clicking anywhere in the “DeepStream” rectangle will toggle install or don’t install.
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