How can keep PCIe refclk

is there a way to turn on the clock as soon as the module gets powered on even when no endpoint is attached.

I have AGX Xavier inds.
I am developing an endpoint device.
It only keep refclk for a short time and then stops.

Is it a normal design to keep the clock? If no device is detected, it looks normal to disable refclk.

For more information please take a look at our document:
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Agree, but I’m debugging.
My endpoint device needs refclk to check LTSSM.
it just for debugging.

Do you use Jetpack 4 or Jetpack 5 release? Instead of keeping refclk, you can try to unbind/bind the controller to trigger detecting EP device.

I use Jetpack 4.6.2.
How can I try to unbind/bind?

Please refer to the commands:

root@nvidia:/sys/bus/platform/drivers/tegra-pcie-dw# echo 141a0000.pcie > unbind
root@nvidia:/sys/bus/platform/drivers/tegra-pcie-dw# echo 141a0000.pcie > bind

On Xavier developer kit, the commands trigger detecting EP device on PCIe x16 connector.

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thanks Dane, I will try.

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