How can we get trial licenses for previous versions of pgf90


I am trying to install a trail version of PGF fortran 90 compiler (PGI Workstation complete version 7.1-6). The installation was successful while, there is some licensing issue.
I generetad the trial license file through PGI website. The default license file it generates is for 7.2 version, and there is no feature support for pgf90 in that license file.

The error generated while using the compiler is as follows:
pgf90-linux86-64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: No such feature exists.
Feature: pgf90-linux86-64
License path: /opt/pgi/license.dat:

The contents of the license file generated is as follows:
PACKAGE pgi72-cdk-linux pgroupd 7.2 C028252A397E
COMPONENTS=“pgi-hpf-lin64:7.2 pgi-f95-lin64:7.2
pgi-f77-lin64:7.2 pgi-cc-lin64:7.2 pgi-cpp-lin64:7.2
pgi-hpf-lin32:7.2 pgi-f95-lin32:7.2 pgi-f77-lin32:7.2
pgi-hpf-lin32:7.2 pgi-f90-lin32:7.2 pgi-f77-lin32:7.2
pgi-cc-lin32:7.2 pgi-cpp-lin32:7.2 pgi-f95-win64:7.2
pgi-f77-win64:7.2 pgi-cc-win64:7.2 pgi-cpp-win64:7.2
pgi-f95-win32:7.2 pgi-f77-win32:7.2 pgi-cc-win32:7.2
pgi-cpp-win32:7.2 pgi-f95-osx64:7.2 pgi-f77-osx64:7.2
pgi-cc-osx64:7.2 pgi-cpp-osx64:7.2 pgi-f95-osx32:7.2
pgi-f77-osx32:7.2 pgi-cc-osx32:7.2 pgi-cpp-osx32:7.2
pgi-prof:7.2 pgi-dbg:7.2 pgi-dbg-gui:7.2” OPTIONS=SUITE
SIGN=“0BDA 494A DB59 AFB8 DEFA AE4C FB7B 4B08 27A1 9B67 1392
B36D 493F 6CD4 0F61 1EC4 87A2 F39C D1D3 CA31 E713 B613 E601
55FB 5FF9 5302 D97E E0AE 2A60 9B55”
FEATURE pgi72-cdk-linux pgroupd 7.2 11-jun-2008 uncounted
4FDEC60836FC VENDOR_STRING=TRIAL:8:cdk HOSTID=0018fe27cb38
8865 D5F9 EDC7 06E9 1699 F882 E46A D1F7 5CBA 0DC8 6D1F F6DA
19ED FF05 6F62 2577 06DC 001C 9090 93C4 70C2 AC24 A3BC 2090”
PACKAGE pgi72-pvf pgroupd 7.2 1C6259E01F65 COMPONENTS=“pgi-pvf:7.2
pgi-f95-win64:7.2 pgi-f77-win64:7.2 pgi-f95-win32:7.2
pgi-f77-win32:7.2 pgi-dbg:7.2” OPTIONS=SUITE SIGN=“1A31 7098
560E 5FFD 04B2 3F95 3ED0 317B 9476 F166 6F30 A1A8 E8A0 22D1
F740 0471 94BE 39A4 AFCD 2470 3D37 8C62 5F63 67B0 BD11 3A53
9144 E493 1251 E778”
FEATURE pgi72-pvf pgroupd 7.2 11-jun-2008 uncounted 7038F63A26B3
SUITE_DUP_GROUP=U TS_OK SIGN=“017B 052C 3ED6 C740 0792 A1E9
D5F7 37EF 4C4B FF73 F0A8 C453 9634 51BD E9D1 1DFC B6CE 35DD
9F65 B2D8 4E74 24A2 51D0 2816 3A32 10B8 146B 73E7 BA56 C0CF”

How can we generate licenses for previous versions of PGI Workstation?
Kindly guide me on how to proceed.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Munjal

Hi Vijay,

Please contact for detail.

Thank you,