How can we have fixed bitrate when transcoding video with ffmpeg and Nvidia SDK?


In our current C++ application we are transcoding video with nvidia SDK to have overlays in the videos we capture.

The problem now is the more motion we have the higher the bitrate is, we are trying to fix the bitrate but it seems it is not working like it should be, only when there is no motion, it is keeping the bitrate ( 8mbit )

Can someone help us giving us the right information to set so we can have a fixed bitrate when transcoding in Nvidia SDK?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi again,

Is this in general on a desktop GPU or specifically on a mobile platform, since you posted in the Android category?

That might help me move this to the correct place and people to find your inquiry.



No only on windows 11 home.

I think I put wrong category, we are using our windows C++ application to transcode.