How can we test VRSS for our game?

I was very excited about the 441.87 driver update, which adds VRSS for RTX GPUs … until I read the full announcement, where it says:

and can be applied to DX11 VR games or application that have forward renderers and support MSAA, and have been tested by NVIDIA

(see also announcement, emphasis added by me)

Even with developer mode activated in the NVIDIA Control Panel, I apparently cannot activate this even for my own game. As a small indie VR game that has only sold about 10K units, it’s probably very unlikely that anyone from NVIDIA will even have a look.

As this has to be activated for each individual game, by players, I don’t see what the problem would be with letting people activate this even for games that were not tested. It’s easy enough to add a disclaimer to the description “may not work for every game, use at your own risk”, or make it only available when developer mode has been activated.

Could this somehow be done?

I figured out how this works now, see also: