How come my character doesn't have sizing handles?

After many attempts, I finally have a Character Creator character into Audio2Face. If I select Mark (the white one) or Mark the green one, sizing handles and move and rotate handles appear.

My character, I can’t move him around at all.

The person in the video I am watching seemed to have no trouble doing this (Nvidia Omniverse - How to use Audio2Face, Omniverse, CC3 & iClone to Create Rap Music Video - YouTube).

If it wasn’t for this video, I wouldn’t know the A2F folder is what I needed and the checkbox for ‘Prepare Mesh for Audio 2 Face’ export option from IClone. So I got further than ever, but my character is stuck and I don’t know how to move him. I copied Mark’s Translate data to even get him close to the other 2.

So any improvements in ‘Line up character’ when you import it might help. Just wondering why the other two heads get Move and Rotate gizmo’s, and my character doesn’t for some reason.