How conf file is related to Image?

Is this p2771-0000.conf.common under Linux for Tegra directory is related to Image file?

Means if I change ODM data, do I need to re-flash the Jetson? or Just build and replace the Image file in /boot/ directory of Jetson?


conf.common is used by script

Only reflash would take effect. What under /boot are all kernel related(image/dtb), and ODMDATA is not kernel related.

FYI, arguments for different modules and carrier boards imply a need for various options (e.g., ODMDATA or device trees), but there is only one Image regardless of those options. The Image has a default set of options which won’t change with carrier board unless a third party vendor gives you a replacement Image. Or you might have some non-default kernel, but the conf files do not change this.