How did Nvidea works with tools to detect modified chipset tecnologies arounnd the world?

i will be realy apreciate if you can resolve this misterious question to me!
I Have an Gtx chipset graphics board using a paralel gtx bios. The customer make modifications in someting like a gts 450 (Hdm Display port and Vgc peripels) But using a Gtx 1060 6gb bios archive. (or somithing like this). The fact is, I Bougth a Gtx 1060 and i have a chipset with a Gts450 GPU, a chipset uknow and a Gtx 1060 bios.
How did nvidea work with this cases? Nvidea hava any issues about developting Tool to Search this componentes and Upgrade a drive ho cares about this chipsets Configuratios?? And about directx compatibilies, because i have a chipset with 6gb Gddr5, But lower frequency because the Gpu adaptation from a Gts 450. Maybe a Gtx 1060 working with Directx 11 or above… Wath software solutions i have? Thankyou