How do I access a file from a C++ NDK application?

I am writing C++ code using VS and wanting to port an existing Win32 program to Android. The program reads graphics data from a separate file. How do I access the graphics file from my Android application?

I have found that Android has certain directories that it is expecting to use - for png’s, strings, etc., but my file is a binary files (raw graphics data) and so unsure of how to handle it.

A good description of what to do is here:

“Read static files through NDK”!topic/android-ndk/TiWl39Rvj-o

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If you’re willing to package them in the APK, then dropping them in the assets subdirectory will cause them to be built into the APK. Then, you can use the NDK asset manager code to read them. As an example, see either of the samples packs inside of TADP; there are mini-libraries called NvFile that show how to open and read files that are packed into the APK. That’s how all of our Android samples deploy and read their data.