How do I access the page when Omniverse Launcher is first installed?

When I first installed and opened Launcher, Launcher showed a page with introductory materials. Then I immediately switched to EXCHANGE tab, and no longer be able to find the page, even if I re-installed Launcher.


@ohmaya you mean the page with the video player?

I don’t remember I noticed a video player on that page.

On a machine never having Launcher installed, if you install Launcher, Launcher will first go to that page with introductory materials structured in a way for new learners.

the first thing you’d see after accepting EULA would’ve been this page with this video:

is this what you are thinking of? i suspect most of the content represented can be found on the web, so feel free to elaborate what aspect specifically you are looking for.

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It might be that page: introductory materials structured in a way for new learners.

I found it in LEARN > Get Started, just clicking Get Started opens the page in a Web browser, instead of in Launcher. The URL has a “first-launch”:
NVIDIA Omniverse - LEARN - Get Started | NVIDIA Developer


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