How do I build and run .cu Samples using VS Coder with NSIGHT on Win10 SSHing to my Nano

Please provide the following information when requesting support.

• Hardware- Nano
• Network Type ???
• TLT Version ???
• Training spec file ???
• How to reproduce the issue ?
Install VS Coder on Win10
Get SSH working between Win10 and Nano
Install C++ and NSIGHT for Nano in Coder
Go to a folder with a Sample .cu like Device Properties or Matrix Mul
Coder is looking for a .sln, but all samples have CMake files
CMake are the command line on the Nano works fine
But coming across from VS Coder on my Win10 to the Nano with SSH, Coder does not know how to build!

This is not an issue or question for TLT. Could you create a new topic in other forum?