How do I change the model

I am working on the project of df_cuda from the example. However, i can’t figure out how to change the sphere model to other shape of moedels, just know something to do with the code:
CUmodule cuda_module = build_linked_kernel( target_codes, (get_executable_folder() + “/” + ptx_name).c_str()
, “render_sphere_kernel”, &cuda_function);

so how can i do to make it work?

thanks you

df_cuda has a hardcoded scene that only consists of a sphere. If you want to change the scene you will need to implement a custom scene loader and intersector. If you write a CUDA based renderer we would expect you to have your own scene loader and intersector.
For more complex rendering examples i would refer to Optix (and the MDL sample shipping with Optix) or the DXR sample which features a GLTF loader and a more complex raytracer implementation.