How do I delete an Audio2Face instance after clicking Add A2F Pipeline?

Trying to follow a video, I had already clicked ‘Add A2F Pipeline’, then I clicked again. And Again. And Again. It keeps adding these, but I don’t see a way to delete.

I only want 1 at the most. Can you tell me how to get rid of these after clicking Add? Every Add needs a Remove.

Thank you.

And not to be too picky, but the Add Nodes feature seems like you could have an Auto add, to pick up all the points.

Thank you

Hi @DataJuggler! I had to reach out to the development team to figure this one out. I also notified our documentation team to be aware that removing/deleting A2F Pipleines is not detailed there. I will get back to you as soon as I hear back and hopefully edit our documentation at the same time.

Hi @DataJuggler You can get rid of the player instance and A2F instances that you don’t want in the Stage view.


@DataJuggler Select the instances you want to remove and press delete on your keyboard.

OK. I have gotten further with Audio2Face after many tries, but I still don’t know how to get from Audio 2 Face to IClone. Next time I try I will attempt your suggestion for deleting from the Stage.

I am not sure I know a stage is at this point. I just expected, an X (close button) on the Audio 2 Face Instances themselves would have made it more obvious to the next stupid person like me, and prevented this question.

Thank you for the reply.



@DataJuggler Thanks for the feedback. There are things we can do to make the UI more intuitive for users. This feedback is useful. We are working on improvements.

Thank you!