How do I deploy Isaac Elbrus on Jetson?

What I have tried so far:

I have built the Elbrus package with

bazel build --config jetpack45 packages/visual_slam/apps:elbrus_visual_slam_realsense.

on an x86 Ubuntu VM. It does not seem to create a tar for deploying on the jetson like the steereo_dummy app does. Also

echo $(bazel aquery --config jetpack45 packages/visual_slam/apps:elbrus_visual_slam_realsense --output=jsonproto | jq -r '
            .artifacts |
            .[] |
            select( .execPath | endswith(".tar") or endswith(".tar.gz")) |

which further substantiates that there is no tar. Is there something I am missing for deploying on Jetson?

Try using the engine/engine/build/ script to invoke bazel to build the “-pkg” target which produces a tarball which is then rsync’ed to your target device.