How do I extend the boot logo until the login screen?


I have enabled and customer boot logo in my carrier board, but it only show a few second and then print the boot log.I want it always display until the login screen.Can it be achieved?



Where do you enable the boot logo? Please not that original nv logo shows up in cboot, and it would disappear once kernel is up.

Hi WayneWWW

I enable the boot logo in cboot.I don’t want it disappear when kernel is up.

Currently, there is no mechanism to handover it. I once tried to use Plymouth, but it still shows up too late and gdm is taking over then. The gap between them is very narrow. Only near 1 second.

Hi WayneWWW

I will have a try.Thank you for your help.

It wouldn’t be a logo, but you could disable regular console logging if you are afraid the text scroll would bother someone. The device tree “chosen->bootargs” has in it “console=tty0”, and this could be removed to disable regular console messages (serial console would still be available for boot messages).