How do I flash a board with a Board ID if the design does not use EEPROM

I am following the platform adaptation and bring-up guide to try to configure a tx1 with a board id for a design without EEPROM and I am following the directions in the document but in uboot under /include/configs after syncing my sources there is not a jetson-tx1.h header file. There is only a jetson-tk1.h header file. I am using jetpack 3.3 and R28.2, why don’t I have the appropriate documents per the adaptation guide to flash with board id? and what do I need to modify or change in order to flash with a board id rather than EEPROM?


Thanks for pointing out this. I’ll help check.

Although the “jetson-tx1.h” header does not exist, that section is related to UART but not EEPROM.

You could specify the board info in the xml file.

Maybe you can clarify from the adaptation guide, the way that the board id w/o eeprom is described in the guide doesn’t really tell you what to change. It just shows you what the file looks like. It doesn’t really have any steps.

How do I disable EEPROM and flash a board id for the board I’m using. Or alternatively how do I get the gpio mapping the same? When I move from the devkit to the carrier board the pinout is not the same.

Delete my previous comment first.
To be more precisely, I would like to know what error did you hit when you flash the board.

Could you share the log?

It’s not a problem with flashing the board, it’s the fact that the documentation is very vague and unclear on what precisely to change and how to change it to flash it with a new board id.

Yes, there are some problems in the document when dealing with new board id. In fact, in my opinion, you cannot add new board id at all.

But I don’t think user needs to modify this part during flash. If you hit any error, please give us some logs so that I can try to modify this doc.