How do i get a schematic about eMMC?

Hi. I have studied about automotive storage using the Jetson-tx1.
And i saw that jetson-tx1 module schematic doesn’t supported.
But, i want to know eMMC signals for getting storage access pattern.
So, can i get schematic only for the eMMC part?
If not, how can i get eMMC signals?

eMMC data lines are routed in inner layer, i don’t think you can probe them. TX1 module is validated before ship out, no need to do additional test by customer.

Thank you for replying question.
I also know that module is tested perfectly.
In my case, I want to save traces accessing eMMC for profiling data, request, CRC and etc…
So I want to connect eMMC with my other device regardless of module validation.

Schematic of module is not public to JEP user, you can query the vendor/agent window if needed.