How do I get names out of a PxStringTable?

I am trying to get the names of objects I load from .Repx files and I cant figure out how to use the PxStirngTable. Can someone please show me how to get object names out of the PxStringTable that comes from the deserializeFromRepX function.


mStringTable = &PxStringTableExt::createStringTable( getFoundation().getAllocator() );

PxDefaultFileInputData data(getFilename(“file.repx”));

RepXCollection* collection = createCollection(data, getFoundation().getAllocator());
addObjectsToScene(*collection, physics, getFramework().getCooking(), scene, mStringTable);

PxActor* actors[512];
scene.getActors(PxActorTypeSelectionFlag::eRIGID_DYNAMIC, &actors[0],512);
PxU32 nbActors = scene.getNbActors(PxActorTypeSelectionFlag::eRIGID_DYNAMIC);

for (PxU32 i =0; i < nbActors; i++)