How do I get SDK Manager to recognize connected Orin Nano without being in "recovery mode"?

With out being in recovery mode the SDK Manager simply does not see the Orin Nano. I have installed the Linux OS on the device (in recovery mode) but this takes the device out of recovery mode so trying to install the Toolkit and SKD Components after this is problematic. Does it need to be in recovery mode to install these components or is there another way, perhaps a command line option?


When in recovery mode the Jetson becomes a custom USB device understood only by a custom driver (which happens to be part of the flash software known as the “driver package”). USB is a plug-n-play system, and devices which plug in broadcast what they are. Recovery mode Jetsons identify with the same ID as some other devices (namely the virtual wired ethernet), but the broadcast plug-n-play description is quite different. You cannot get JetPack/SDKM to recognize a recovery mode Jetson as a fully booted Jetson, nor can you get a fully booted Jetson to identify as a recovery mode Jetson.

During flash things may not be what you think they are. Actual flash is in recovery mode only. However, when flash completes, the Jetson automatically reboots. At this point it becomes a different device. JetPack can then install optional packages (e.g., CUDA) to the fully booted Jetson (assuming first boot account setup is complete; ssh relies on that account for installation of that extra software). This latter step though is not flash.

If you are flashing, the Jetson needs to be in recovery mode. If you are installing optional software, then the Jetson should not be in recovery mode. However, what is not obvious is that you can uncheck items in the list that JetPack presents. For example, you can uncheck flash, or you can uncheck adding tools to the host PC. If you were to keep only some optional software install checked, and uncheck the rest, and if you have networking (such as via the virtual wired ethernet over USB or actual ethernet), then the fully booted Jetson can be updated like that (this is not flash, it is just package install).

When I am not flashing the SDK Manager does not see the device to allow me to install any packages that were not installed during the flash. The only way I was able to get a successful Linux OS install on the Orin Nano was to, uncheck the Host box on the first screen, and only install the Linux OS, and not the other components. When I try to go back and install them the SDK Manager cannot connect to the device.

Now I am using an SD Card as the boot medium, so perhaps I am misunderstanding and the only way to install these components is to “flash” them as I have no other memory installed on the device.

In the case of not being in recovery mode (which is correct for installing extra packages) it is entirely an issue of networking. From both the Jetson and the host PC, what do you see from:

  • ifconfig
  • route

Make sure you note which ifconfig or route log goes to the Jetson versus the PC. Also, are these connected directly to the same switch or router?

An additional test:

  • From the Jetson, does ping work?
  • From host PC, does ping work?
    (these addresses assume using the USB virtual wired network, but you can substitute wired ethernet)

I currently stream video across an ethernet connection from the SDK Manager laptop to the Nano without issue. No router is involved in my setup. My addresses are different than those you posted but the devices can ping each other. I will try it using USB only and see what I get.

The commands I gave are more than for seeing what network settings are. Those commands provide error information. I was hoping to see, for the connection you use, if there are error issues. This includes collisions, lost packets, drops, overruns, etc… Normally the wired ethernet is the best choice, and the USB virtual device is only an alternative that is convenient.

Just be certain that whatever IP address you use works with ssh. If it does work, then so too should component install. The Jetson should not be in recovery mode when installing those optional extra packages.

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