how do I get the nano's MAC address (HWaddr)?

In reference to, the MAC address can be obtained from the dot matrix, which is how I’ve gotten mine; something starting with 00 04 …

Is this correct, do all Jetson nano’s MAC address start with 00 04?

I ask because the 12 digits from the dot matrix don’t correspond to anything I read using


, and

ifconfig | grep HWaddr

returns nothing.
Besides, trying to apply for authorization to access the WWW in my organization I’ve been told the MAC address I’ve provided was incorrect.

How do I get / confirm my Jetson nano’s MAC address (HWaddr)?

The MAC address prefix identifies the manufacturer so that is normal. Try ifconfig | grep -i hwaddr for the address. -i is case insensitive.

mdegans, thanks for the comment.

You’re right and I knew, but I was actually asking if the first 4 digits I’ve got (00 04) were correct. My question was a bit poorly formulated.

Nope this didn’t return anything either.

Ok I think I’ve got it.

Two ways:

  1. from ifconfig, the eth0 entry, the MAC isn’t named HWaddr but ether
    ifconfig | grep ether

  2. Get it from editing the wired connection, it will be under “Device”.

And the ethernet MAC address starts with 00 E0, not 00 04.

The MAC I’ve got from the matrix reader was wrong.

Can anyone confirm this?

Please try cat /sys/class/net/eth0/address.

Well somebody just broke a lot of scripts ಠ_ಠ

Yikes. What a rename. I can confirm.

cat /sys/class/net/some_interface_name/address works on both my host ubuntu and nano, however. “eth0” is the name assigned to the wired interface on my nano and “wlan0” is the wireless.

I am not sure if it is definitely starting with 00:04. This value is fused in EEPROM by factory.

You could see some kernel log as below one.

[    4.309538] eqos 2490000.ether_qos: Setting local MAC: 0 4 4b af 62 4

Sorry, my fault. This is a nano issue. Then there is no eqos driver.

Please directly use the address from ifconfig.