How do I implement cloning, backing up and restoring on OrinNX?

My work environment is:

Jetson Orin Nx Development Board
VM development environment for sdk - ubuntu20.04

I want to implement cloning, backup and restoring of my system, how do I do it and is it possible with the R36.2.0 sdk package I am currently using?
I used xx command to backup but it failed:

sudo ./tools/backup_restore/ -e nvme0n1 -b jetson-orin-nano-devkit

MobaXterm_192.168.150.129_20240304_141742__backup_fail.txt (97.9 KB)

This workflow is currently broken on rel-36, and we are checking it internally.

Is there a solution to this problem now? I need it.

We are still debugging this.
Please use L4T 35.x if you need backup/restore.

I have a 16G version of JetsonOrinNx, is Jetson Linux 35.5.0 the right one to go with?When is the approximate release date of the next production quality version of Jetson Linux 36?


I’m not sure.
Maybe April.

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