How do I install previous version of CUDA toolkit on jetson agx orin?

I need something below or equal to cuda-11.0 for mxnet. I am not able to find an easy solution.

I run into this error with mxnet GPU when compiled with cuda-11.4 default version that is available
Check failed: err == cudaSuccess (209 vs. 0) : mxnet_generic_kernel ErrStr:no kernel image is available for execution on the device

In the installation steps of mxnet the makefile has -gencode arch=compute_72,code=sm_72 for Xavier NX and AGX Xavier`. Is it the same for AGX Orin as well?

Figured it out, it is 87


Orin GPU architecture is 87.
So please use these configure instead: -gencode arch=compute_87,code=sm_87.


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