How do I lower the Jetpack version online?

How do I lower the Jetpack version online?

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Could you please clarify in a bit more detail, what exactly you intend to achieve?
The Jetpack SDK includes all necessary information on how to install and use. The web page lists always the latest version, are you looking for an SDK package of an older release? Those are linked on the same page.

Meanwhile I would like to let you know that we have several dedicated Jetson categories on our forums where I am sure you will receive ample help. Feel free to move your topic into one of the appropriate Jetson platform categories.


For example, my current version is Jetpack 4.6.1 and I want to downgrade the jetpack version to Jetpack 4.3. How do I downgrade the jetpack version online without using the method of re-burning the system? Because I have tried to upgrade the version online, is there a way to reduce the version online?

Hi again.

I assume with “online” you mean a live, running system? It is not possible to flash a different Firmware on a live system, this is a process that rewrites partly how the Hardware is accessed, so you will have to overwrite the current system. That makes it necessary to go “offline” to flash it.

What Jetson Hardware are you using?

jetpack4.6 ,nx-emmc,How do I start a fan?

Maybe the experts in the Jetson Xavier NX forum can help with software based fan control?

Please refer to below Fan Mode Control section:

NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Clock Frequency and Power Management | NVIDIA Docs

Hello! I have an SD card with a system, which is plugged into jetson Nano 4GB. How can I configure the nano to start the system in the SD card? (The SD card system is Jetbot)

Building and using JetBot gives the hands on experience needed to create entirely new AI projects.

To get started, read the JetBot documentation.

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