How do I obtain ROS_Camera images directly from python without subscribing to ROS node

I can create a ROS camera using python through;
result, prim = omni.kit.commands.execute(
“ROSBridgeCreateCamera”, path="/ROS_Camera"

prim is the ROS_camera just created. Is it possible to directly obtain the annotations?

this post provide some instructions, but how do I change the camera resolution? and how do I create additional cameras with annotations?

You can get any of the synthetic image data directly via python as buffers.
See: 3. Visualize Synthetic Data — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Is it possible to have multiple viewports?


If you create a second camera prim in the stage via Create->Camera (or the python equivalent)
and assign this camera prim to the second ROS Bridge camera component’s camera_prim_rel=[camera_prim.GetPrim().GetPrimPath()] setting, it will automatically create a second viewport for you.

You can also manually create a second viewport from the Window-> New Viewport Window menu and assign it a different camera prim from the stage

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