How do I overcome high temperature issues for ConnectX-6 card in Dell workstation?

I have a MCX653105A-HDAT in a Dell Preceision 7920T trying to connect at 100Gb. I am getting the following message in the EventVwr.

ConnectX-6 #3 detected high temperature on sensors with bitset …

I think the workstation can only do PCI Gen 3. The card supports it but I am wondering how I get it to work.

Firmware is 3.10.25798.0

Hello JS1234,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Developer Forum - Infrastructure and Networking - Section.

Based on the information provided, we see that the ConnectX-6 adapter is not a certified adapter for the Dell Precision 7920T.

We would recommend to set the FANs to MAX fan speed, move the adapter to a PCI slot away from any GPU installed in the workstation.

If this does not resolve the temperature issue on the adapter, please contact Dell to check with them which network adapter they would recommend for this workstation.

Thank you and regards,
~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

Thank you for the reply. Come to find the card didnt work. Dell sent us a 1x100 ConnectX-6 card which works great now. Appreciate you following up.

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