How do I perform OTA upgrades from external devices

The system I used booted from an external EMMC device.After OTA upgrade, the system failed to start because the UUID of the external EMMC device could not be found.What to do in this case?

your “boot from external” setting would be gone after you try the apt upgrade. Because our OTA debian package by default only supports the boot from default path (emmc/sd).

Hi, Can the default OTA Debian package boot path (EMMC/SD) be changed? maybe, systems booted from external EMMC devices do not support OTA upgrades?
Note: By external EMMC device I mean mmcblk1p1 with a capacity of 128 GB.

The OTA only supports the native/internal storage.

Anything that added by you are called the external devices and it will be gone after doing the OTA upgrade.

More important, we don’t have any “external emmc” supported on devkit, such thing appears on your side indicating that it is your custom board. And a custom board shall never use the default OTA upgrade from NVIDIA.

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Ok, thanks