How do I remove the external intelligent speech decoder chip MIC and SPK from TX1?

Whether the TX1 module has its own intelligent voice analysis function, whether it is feasible to input analog audio signal or digital signal directly.

Besides, how do speakers connect to TX1?

I’m not positive what you are asking…more clarification on what use-case you are wanting to accomplish would help, as well as knowing if you are asking specifically for the developer kit case.

The simple method for audio is just a USB head set or USB audio device.

If you are developing your own solution, then there is i2s support (actually, I’m not absolutely positive about this on the TK1, but odds are high it is there…all of the later Tegra generations support this). I have no way to answer about “removal” of of any chips.

Thank you for your patience.

I’ll ask you some questions again.

1, whether the TX1 connector output pins G4 and H4 are external digital speakers access ports.

2, can you help to provide the recommended circuit and digital speaker specification?

Thank you

Despite the dev carrier label of DSPK_OUT_CLK and DSPK_OUT_DAT seeming to imply this is correct I can’t confirm. I am unable to find a reference in the TRM to tie this to. Would someone else have an exact designation for the BGA pins G4 and H4?

Thank you for your patience.

The following information is further consulted.

1, there is no built-in Audio Codec from the TX1 block diagram, but you still want to verify it.

2, TX1 PIN defines G5, H5, G6, H6 as DMIC_CLK, DMIC_DAT, and whether external digital input can be used.

3, the 2D diagram provided by TX1 is not very clear. Can we help to provide 3D drawings so that the structure can be designed.

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Hi, no audio codec in module. DMIC pins are workable. What kind of 3D drawings you want? If it’s for audio design, the OEM DG is enough for that.

Pin G4, H4 are not used in module.

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What we need is the TX1 materiel of STP format.

Here is it of dev kit:



After I download the 3D data here, I open it and find that the drawing file is linear, there is no complete 3D component map, we only need the TX1 module 3D component map.

Please help again.

Thank you

That’s all we can provide. Regarding module 3D model, you can refer to module datasheet to get its dimension and drawing.