How do I resize the desktop on Ubuntu 22.04, with a Nvidia GeForce 2080? I don't have Nvidia control panel, only Nvidia settings

I’m using a TV with my PC, but unfortunately the screen is larger than my TV and the edges are cut off. On Windows I was able to use Nvidia control panel to manually change the width and height of the desktop (using resize , but Nvidia settings doesn’t seem to have anything like that.

I entered my TV’s settings and changed the picture from 16:9 to ‘Screen fit’ but unfortunately now my text looks jagged and the graphics on my games looks…a little off (jagged edges and such).

How can I manually change the desktop size in the same way I could with the Nvidia control panel on Windows?

I tried also manually changing the resolution on the Nvidia settings window but unfortunately because the position of the desktop appears to be upper left instead of center, even if I managed to get the correct resolution with constant experimentation, the top and left sides of the desktop will be cut off anyway.

You can use the nvidia-settings gui to create a metamode: in the monitor config, hit “advanced”, then use viewport in and viewport out to set scaled resolution and offset. E.g. for a 50pixel offset, try
viewport in: 1820x980
viewport out: 1820x980+50+50

Thanks for the help!