How do I run the 'commandlet'?

The Omniverse connector docs for UE briefly mention the ‘commandlet’ that can be used for automation.
The docs don’t say how to actually run this tool, though - where do I find it?

For anyone searching for this, this isn’t an Omniverse issue (though the documentation could REALLY do with being clearer)

You run a commandlet through a regular windows command line prompt - so load ‘Command Prompt’ from the start menu. Navigate to the location of your unreal executable (probably something like C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Binaries\Win64), and enter your command.

The documentation doesn’t say you need to include the path to your unreal executable, so the command should start with either UnrealEditor.exe or UnrealEditor-cmd.exe, followed by the command on the docs page here:

There are a lot more flags available than outlined on the docs, too - hopefully the docs can be updated soon.