How do I see a stacktrace?

In “OpenGL API Call Summary”, I see that wglGetProcAddress has been called over a million times (in a few seconds) and that it has taken 26% of the time.

When I click wglGetProcAddress in the top pane, I see a list of individual calls to that function. I tried rightclicking one of the calls, expecting an option to see a stacktrace. But no menu popped up.

How do I do what I want?

TIA :)

Ok, figured it out. In the “Activity”, I expanded “OpenGL”, and there’s a Call Stack Trace option there.

Now I’m able to view the stacktrace, but it only displays a bunch of hex memory addresses, and doesn’t resolve them to function names.

Any ideas?

Btw, I also tried CodeXL. I set a breakpoint on wglGetProcAddress and it never fired except in the first frame. So the nSight results may be buggy.