How do I set up the Pose or Poseinitializer between Unity and Isaac, more

Dear all,

I have developed and used the Isaac sim with Unity 3D for the robot simulation.
I have followed the tutorial which is below link from Isaac sim Unity 3D and I made interact each other between Unity and Issac.

However I have some problem…
I replaced the sample robot(carter) which was supported by Isaac sim to my robot and I extended the sample map in Unity which was supported by Isaac sim. And then I put the object of Map Camera on the scene and then place camera and save map again.
When I press play on the Unity and put the command for running Isaac sim on terminal, the pose of robot in unity and Isaac sight was so different. I mean the starting point was different between unity robot and isaac robot.
So I have tried to change the initial value of pose but nothing was changed.
Please tell me how to set up the same value of pose between Unity and Isaac sim.
Furthermore, I wish to set the same pose between Unity, Isaac sim and Rviz(ros).
Thank you for reading this.

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This reads like your robot autonomy stack is not able to localize itself properly, but I can’t quite pin down from this what is misaligned. Could you post some screen shots of what you’re seeing from Sight and what the initial pose seeds you are providing? Any console logs worth highlighting? When you changed the environment in Isaac Sim, did you happen to remap the new space?