How do i star with t, if i am running on a GPU on a server and not local?

Currently starting on this journey and have access to a GPU in my companies server setup.
I have an ISAAC container running, but not sure what’s next.
I really want to run the simulator, but don’t have a local Linux machine just the server.
Any suggestions?

Also, what comes in the NVIDIA ISAAC Container…do we have it documented somewhere?

Yes. We have a User Guide in the downloads section here.
You can run Isaac Sim on a Linux server with GPU support and connect to it using the Kit Remote Client on Windows.

yes, but I think that requires a public IP right?

No. You can run it locally too. It has to be an IP that the Kit Remote Client can reach.

I am running on a GPU within my company NVIDIA server, so it is remote and not local.
I have the endpoint and can access the GPU running my container with ssh, but I cannot get the Kit Remote client to successfully connect.

You will need these ports opened on the server for live streaming with the Kit Remote Client:

47995-48012 (UDP/TCP)
49000-49007 (UDP/TCP)
49100 (TCP)

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