How do I start streaming with ultra low latency on the Jetson Nano?

Currently, my team and I are working on a project where the Jetson Nano will be mounted on an autonomous drone. Once the drone powers on, the jetson nano will start streaming to an IP address which will then be viewed on a receiving computer. We will utilize a 4G/LTE USB Modem.

Preferably, I would like to use RTSP protocol to start streaming but I do not know how to go about with streaming. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You will not get ultra low latency over a 4G modem.

That being said, gstreamer has a rtsp output plugin, so you should be able to just put that at the end of your gstreamer pipeline, to start sending.

Documentation/options include:

I faced issues with rtspsink on earlier releases, so you may also try test-launch in examples from gst-rtsp-server, it worked.

4G is the first step, once I manage to stream via 4G, I will move on to 5G. Hopefully that’ll drastically reduce the latency

I will move on to 5G. Hopefully that’ll drastically reduce the latency

There is basically no chance that that will happen.
Also, because 5G relies on close distance and line of sight, it will be unlikely that you will get a good 5G signal in places where people often want to fly drones.

That being said, maybe you’ll get good enough latency from 4G. When I hear “ultra low latency,” I think “glass to glass delays of less than a frame’s time” but maybe your goal is something less aggressive.

There’s a reason analog systems are still used in drone FPV flying. Existing digital technologies really can’t compete with the low latency of the 5GHz analog systems.

Completely true!
Encoding and transcoding (even accelerated) take time, it’s a fact!
If you add digital transmission to this LAG you can forget “real-time” or “ultra low latency”.