How do I test Maxine audio SDK feature? I activated denoise feature, and get unexpected result

Currently, I have RTX-A6000 to run the Maxine AFX SDK to test the audio effect, e.g. denoise. The input audio comes from RTSP camera, and I record it to check it does play what I give it.

The question arose after I called NvAFX_Load() with success and called NvAFX_Run() with success. I tested with baby crying noise, construction site noise and rains noise listed in the document separately, whereas it did not output the expected clear audio as example performed. So my question will be how to test audio effect feature, e.g. denoise and/or AEC. I’m not sure that I meet the physical setup, such as the distance between background noise and the human voice, and the relative volume etc. Hope I could get some doable guidance so that I could meet the expectation from our team.

P.S. I read the document, and do not find any instruction.