How do i update kernel only?

Hello, i am using a Jetson NX Xavier with external SSD which the Jetson boots from and Jetpack 5.0.2 and kernel 5.10 and i need to make changes to drivers in the kernel whether they are changes to actual drivers or setting some of the drivers to initialize as modules. My question is how do i update the kernel and changes only, without overriding the current file system and losing all my data.
I tried using the l4t_initrd_flash and and specifying only the kernel partition but that doesnt make the jetson boot from the new kernel.

kernel image is just a binary file under /boot.

kernel modules are under /lib/modules.

Official docs tend to talk about install via flash. Here’s some other information which might apply to you:

Pay particular attention to the idea of adding an extra extlinux.conf entry and leaving the old kernel in place as a backup.

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