How do we get the accurate gpio numbers of from the dts file ?

In the dts file can find the configuration below!

ov5693_a@36 {
					compatible = "nvidia,ov5693";
					reg = <0x36>;
					devnode = "video0";
					physical_w = "3.674";
					physical_h = "2.738";
					avdd-reg = "vana";
					iovdd-reg = "vif";
					clocks = <0xd 0x59 0xd 0x10d>;
					clock-names = "extperiph1", "pllp_grtba";
					mclk = "extperiph1";
					clock-frequency = <0x16e3600>;
					reset-gpios = <0x12 0x8d 0x0>;
					pwdn-gpios = <0x12 0x88 0x0>;
					vana-supply = <0x1d>;

My question is “pwdn-gpios = <0x12 0x88 0x0>” represent which gpio number, what’s the principle to get the number?
(By check the hardware designation, I find pwdn-gpios is connect to GPIO3_PR.01 pin (457))