How do we install ath9K wifi module?

How do we install ath9K wifi module?

Please refer to L4T document and build it from source.


I have a TP-Link TL-WN722N v1 which works fine on my host machine, (it runs kali Linux), but I am having problems to get it to work on my Jetson TX2. My wifi card uses Atheros AR9721 chipset and driver used for it is ath9k_htc: (I ran this on my host system)

I also look here and I can see that ath9k_htc is included: (Although this page is for TK1, I assumed it includes TX2, too?)

So following this,, I tried to build the kernel with the driver installed, however, I was not successful in doing so, probably I am missing something in the make menuconfig?
searching for ath9k in the config, under “Device Drivers / Wireless LAN / Atheros Wireless Cards”, I checked the box, which I assume is to install the ath9k driver? But after I build the kernel and replace the image and reboot Jetson TX2, it seems like driver is not installed.
but the source is in fact in “kernel-4.4/drivers/net/wireless/ath”.

I also read this:
and tried to follow John_Smith’s solution to see if I can build the kernel with the RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU driver, unfortunately I could not find this option in the make menuconfig, either.

Do you guys have any suggestion?

Here are some notes on kernel compile:

FYI, the reason I use nconfig instead of xconfig is because I like how the symbol search feature works with nconfig (that and I can build kernels in a purely console mode over ssh). This is also for native compile directly on the TX2, but you could make a few changes and cross compile.

If you follow that for config, which step fails (e.g., couldn’t find a feature listed, compile complains, so on)?

Thank you for your prompt reply :) I managed to fix it and get it to work.

Your post was very informative and helpful. The most important part, was using nconfig that gave me the clue. When you search for symbols it also shows all necessary information including the dependencies, which in my case was the problem. for some reason, search in xconfig does not tell you anything about the dependencies, or at least that is what I think. nconfig, on the other hand, shows all the information you need, such as what is the dependency and whether it is installed or not. So, after I figured that out, I looked up every feature I needed and selected them for installation and built the image.

Also, I did install ath9k_htc firmware, which is required. You can compile and install it manually from here,, or you can just do

apt-get install linux-firmware

So to sum up, I built the image with ath9k_htc driver and all dependencies installed, and installed the ath9k_htc firmware.

@atrinz, do you have available such image for the Jetson Nano 4G DK? thanks