How do we override the kernel bootargs/cmdline for the Jetson Nano?

I found this old article but its still not clear which is the path to take nor where to find the proper documentation or examples of how to do this: Where can I change default cmdline/cbootargs and other questions regarding jetson nano boot process.

My goal is to change the device tree bootargs completely (not just add to it) by dropping in or updating a configuration file (I would hopefully like a solution that doesnt require external tools or compiling anything or updated uboot or similar as I want automation to update it on the device itself and for these new args to take effect on reboot automatically).

I was looking for how to apply a device tree overlay to override the custom bootargs settings but that looks like it may have to be compiled for this solution to work, and the extlinux.conf solution would only allow appending args.

What is the right approach to take here? On a RPi 4 we would simply be able to update a static file in /boot/firmware/ but there is no equivalent apparently on this device.

My answer is still same.

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