How do you add an SDF collider to an object in Create 2022.3.0?

I’m playing with the “nuts and bolts” demo and I can’t find any collider in the “nut_bolt” physic properties. There’s only a “rigid body” component.

From my understanding, aren’t we supposed to have a collider component?

I don’t find the aforementioned component in either nut nor bolt :

Hello @aws357! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Hi @aws357 - you can access the collider properties by:

  1. Disabling instancing on the nut or bolt xform:
  2. Duplicating the xform (this should not be needed I think and I will file a bug) - select the nut/bolt xfrom and do Ctrl-D
  3. Inspecting either the _SDF or _Collision mesh children of the nut or bolt, they have the SDF properties:

We are working on an update to the docs about SDF.

Thanks for the answers. I will check that up.