How do you connect two InfiniBand Switches SB7800 IB EDR 36 port ?

Do we use dedicated ISL ports for connecting a pair of SB7800 switches?

Any special connectors?

What’s the max distance of fibre between these two switches?

How many fibre cables do we need?

The plan is to place one new switch in a cabinet where existing servers reside and connect that switch to wherever the DC guys can place the second IB switch since it will connect to storage controllers and new servers. This is temporary to allow migration. At the end both switches will reside with the new servers and storage. This is to avoid spending a lot of money long lining existing servers to the new switches since the longer cables are more expensive .

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Not sure this was followed up on… but I have a config I’d like to put in place and need a reference telling me how to build a tree of three SB7800’s and maximiase the bandwidth between two 7800’s with a third 7800 acting as an aggregation switch above them… any reference documentation would be greatly appreciated.