How do you Nvidia/Ubuntu compile the binary driver? evil triangle of gcc 4.4 for Nvidia and 4.6 for


As usual the new 11.10 Ubuntu release has brought some pain with the whole CUDA package etc, and I have experienced some of the issues described in other threads. However, to start at the beginning, will someone let me in on how Ubuntu/Nvidia is providing binaries that “attach” to the gcc-4.6 compiled kernel? When I try to manually install the Nvidia driver I am told to compile with 4.4, which then clashes with the 4.6 compiled kernel. Is somebody using unreleased patches?

In other news, to be fair more Ubuntu than NVIDIA specific, has the CUDA/OpenCL bit been left out of the Ubuntu packages? I have been trying to run some CUDA or OpenCL demos, possibly something packaged by/for Ubuntu but no luck so far. It makes sense that there should be a canonical (no pun intended) CUDA demo for the “non-free” driver, but haven’t found one yet.



PS I am talking 64bit, in my experience even in the year 2011 32bit is smoother