How do you slow down gravity?

In a previous version of Composer, if I chained the gravity magnitude in Physics Scene to a lower number, Gravities effect slowed down.

Today I tried it, and even with .02 for the magnitude, it was still moving very fast. Also, before it used to slow down a lot if I added many props with Rigid Bodies and Colliders Preset, but now with 20,500 spheres it still keeps up to 16 to 24 FPS (which is a good thing usually).

I did forget to add mass to the spheres, I know that might effect things, but now with 20,000 copies it takes a very long time to make any changes.


@DataJuggler i am curious to know what kind of attributes do you have on the spheres? something feels like the issue may not be strictly your physicsScene; i feel it’s behaving correctly but the attributes on the spheres that may be contributing to how the gravity is affecting them.

try opening up one of the Basic physics demos, like Box on a table, you should be able to see pretty obvious gravity changes when you lower it below the Gravity Magnitude param from its initial value of 981.0.

The Spheres have nothing but a scale change, Rigid bodies with Colliders Preset and a glass material.

I deleted all my spheres and created another one, and it does seem to work by slowing down gravity magnitude effects the speed. Not sure why it wasn’t working earlier.

I will report back here if it happens again.

Indeed, this should have worked out of the box. Changes for gravity should be reflected even in runtime when play is pressed.
Please if you see this happen again and you happen to have a repo, let us know.