How do you use two Physics Scenes in one scene?

I tried to add two scenes, with different gravity directions, and couldn’t figure this out.

I tried useing XForms and adding Physics Scenes to that and tried adding props as children to different physics scenes, and it seemed everything uses the first Physics Scene.


Hi @DataJuggler! Good question. I am not sure, let me ask the team and I’ll get back to you!

the scene ownership does not work based on a hierarchy. Rigid body or a collider do have simulationOwner relationship that defines where the body is simulated.
If its empty the first scene is used, but you can assign the bodies to individual scenes.

You can take a look at multiple scenes example in Simulation->Physics->Demos, there are four different scenes used.

Thank you. I have looked at those. I thought I saw something in your 2022.3 release about more than one physics scene in a project is why I asked.

FYI, Nvidia’s definition of tutorial, and mine are different. To me a tutorial is a step by step demo how you create. Your tutorials look just like your
demos here:

I have looked at these demos before, and still don’t know how to add a Joint to a scene, or how to add the fire to one of my projects.

If there was a step by step guide on how these tutorials were built, I think it would help people learn.

Thanks for the answer.


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Thanks for the feedback, the demos are build from python step by step, you can open the source python file to inspect what is going on.
True its not a UI step by step guide, this is more of a python based snippet that should walk you through what happened.
We are working on video description for each of these snippets, hopefully that gets more information.

Most of the guide for actual UI is here:

Thanks again, we might need to reconsider how to present the core snippets.