How does Audio2face connect in USD Composer

How does Audio2face connect in USD Composer? How to solve
Particle hair in Blender does not interact with the character when imported into Machinima, but it does in USD Composer. Why? How to solve

Yes that would make sense. Machinima is a legacy discontinuted project. USD Composer 2023.2.2 is up to date. A2F can be used to start a project with audio and finish with correct character lip syncing. You then save that project as a USD file and that file can be read by USD Composer. From there you can add more detail, the realistic hair and the rest of the scene.

I’ll try.

I tried, but it didn’t work.
I have done all the operations in A2F, saved them as USD according to what you said, opened them in USD Composer, and there is no action on the character’s face after clicking the play button.
Did I miss those steps?
Is there a tutorial on this?

Speaking of hair, maybe you know this. When I export a Character Creator character, the hair doesn’t display. I thought with Path Tracing it might, but I get a bald character, or stubble where the hair should be or so.

I don’t have it open now, but I can duplicate it if you need. Is there a trick to bringing in hair?