How does external MCU know that xavier get watchdog reset

I want to know does xavier is watchdog timeout reset or not by external MCU, maybe the MCU can monitor specify GPIO pin.

I saw the SoC has a pin which name is WDT_RESET_OUT_N, does the pin can reach that I want?

I expect the pin as below list.

  1. WDT_RESET_OUT_N is Heig level.
  2. start the watchdog and not ping.
  3. watchdog timeout reset
  4. in the same time, the pin will change to Low level
  5. external MCU can detect the pin and knows SoC just happen watchdog reset.

Is it correct?
If I want to implement this feature with WDT_RESET_OUT_N, how do I do? do I need to modify dts?

Thanks a lot!


Any update?



We have not verified it but theoretically it should be possible.
We are trying to verify it with HW modification.


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At the moment there is no software configuration that can enable generation of WDT_RESET_OUT signal.
But the register PMC_IMPL_RST_REQ_CONFIG_0(0xc360114) can be written from BPMP.
Set the value using command
echo “mw 0xc360114 1” > /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/cons
Pinmux should be updated to configure WDT_RESET_OUT pin (SOC_GPIO23) as WDT_RESET_OUTA
WDT reset after this will pull the WDT_RESET_OUT signal low. But the system will reboot only when SYS_RESET_N is toggled.
So the external MCU will have to capture WDT_RESET_OUT signal going low and then drive SYS_RESET_N to reboot the system.