How does Nvidia TX2 communicate with PLC?

I need TX2 to return a signal to PLC,but I don’t know how to start.

Hi, can you share more details? PLC here means programmable logic controller? An external device? If so, what kind of signal you want to get from TX2?

yes,PLC is programmable logic controller.I need TX2 to tell PLC that my product is not good. than PLC will move it.

So the PLC is an external device and you want TX2 to generate a hardware signal to PLC? Are you asking for a hardware connection or software way of implement this process?

Yes ,we intend to use GPIO port on TX2 to establish a connection with PLC. How can the IO port of TX2 output electrical signals?

You can check the OEM DG, pinmux and schematic to choose a spare GPIO for this in hardware, and set the trigger in software to generate output signal from this GPIO to PLC.