How does Omniverse update connected data?


I don’t have experience with Omniverse and I’m trying to understand the basic concepts.

When I understand USD correctly, it is possible to write extensions to augment mesh data with more information. Let’s say, I want to store meshes and information about the proximity of meshes with certain characteristics. (Maybe USD and the tools already provide this information but my questions is about data augmentation in general.) Now, I created data with the additional proximity information and open that data in Maya or Blender. Those applications don’t know about my extension and when I change the mesh data, the proximity information is outdated and wrong when I open the data again in an application that knows about the proximity information.

  • Is there something fundamental that I got wrong?
  • How would you solve this situation in Omniverse and USD?
  • Is it wrong to assume that data can be augmented by user specific information?
  • Does Omniverse provide a mechanism to assure data consistency?

Hi @hpatjens1. There are two parts to this.

  1. You can create a properties to augment your data with user specific information ad-hoc or you can do so more formally with a USD schema plugin that clearly defines the schema. All USD apps should preserve that additional data. If you created a USD schema plugin, you could build it against different DCCs and they would “know” about your custom schema and be able to leverage its interfaces.
  2. The auto-updating or having an update to one property cause a recalculation of another is not something that really fits into the USD design paradigm currently.

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