How does one install CUDA 11.6 on Ubuntu 22.04?

The directions for installing CUDA 11.6 are limited to Ubuntu 20.04.

Updating CUDA to 11.7 broke Pytorch some months ago and it looks like it won’t be fixed anytime soon, so other than reengineering one’s development environment to use Docker, the only option for those of us on 22.04 is to install 11.6.

CUDA 11.6 doesn’t officially support Ubuntu 22.04, which is why you won’t find instructions/packages for it. It looks like support for 22.04 began with CUDA 11.7.

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pytorch has a standard install method available for CUDA 11.7, currently, using 1.13, listed as a stable release.

The probability that CUDA 11.7 is simply “broken” with pytorch, and the pytorch maintainers went to all the trouble to build a “stable” release and push it out anyway, seems unlikely to me. pytorch has a forum where you can ask questions about it.