How does the test5 app interact with the nvmultiurisrcbin plugin?

**• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)**GTX1080ti
• DeepStream Version6.2

I have enabled the nvmultiurisrcbin plugin in the deepstream-test5 app to remove/add video streams through the REST API. My questions are:

  1. Are deepstream-test5 and nvmultiurisrcbin in the same program process? nvmultiurisrcbin is a thread in the process?
  2. How do the REST API in nvmultiurisrcbin plugin interact with deepstream-test5 after receiving data? For example, tell deepstream-test5 the name of the video stream it received and display it on the interface.
  3. If the REST API in the nvmultiurisrcbin plugin does not interact with deepstream-test5, what are the ways to implement their interaction?
    Thanks a lot!

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1.nvmultiurisrcbin is a plugin including http server, please refer to doc.

2 ,3. please refer to cfg test5_config_file_nvmultiurisrcbin_src_list_attr_all.txt, you can set use-nvmultiurisrcbin, http-ip, http-port in [source-list] part, then you can send http request to http server. please refer to the nvmultiurisrcbin doc.

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